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Why ?

Anonymous was created to improve the RP on Discord guild. The famous //Anonymous// or /ano aren't often taken seriously by all players. This is why we have developed an application whose purpose is to remedy this.

utilité anonymous

Pour qui ?

Anonymous was developed primarily for use on Role Play servers. However, it can also be used on other server types, it all depends on your expectations.


User Commands :

/anonymous: Display usable commands (only in French for the moment)

Anonymous for guildMember

/mask: The main prupose of Anonymous is to allow your users to communicate with each other or with others anonymously. It is why Anonymous is doing this. You just have to send your message stating that you want it to be anonymous and it does the rest.

Commande /mask avant Commande /mask après

If you want to add a picture to your message, 2 solutions:

1. Add the url directly (Works at 100%)

2. Insert the picture with copy/paste (Works at 80%)

/crypt: Sometimes it is necessary to communicate with his partner, but one must not be able to know the subject of your conversation. For this, Anonymous has thought of everything. It is able to encrypt your messages with a key that only you and your partners will know.

Commande /crypt avant Commande /crypt après

/uncrypt: In order to decrypt a message, you must know the decryption key (it is the same as used for encryption). Once the order entered, anonymous will communicate to you in a private message the result of the decrypted sentence.

Commande /uncrypt avant Commande /uncrypt après

Admin Commands :

/anonymous: Command available for people with channel log's access

Anonymous for Admin

/annonce nom_du_channel: Notify your guild about Anonymous presence

Annonce bot

/support-anonymous: Contact us with your message. We shall reply within the shortest delay.

Ask support Support Reply

Logs :

Of course, Anonymous keeps track of the messages you send (this trace will only be visible to administrators from the server).

Log 1 Log 2 Log 3